Critical Mass Is Drawing Near!

Source: Critical Mass Is Drawing Near!


My interview with Beyond The Veil

My interview with Beyond The Veil , Starts at 1:10 sec so tune in to some interesting info on Milab ,ET Contact, Spirituality and the latest on The Feline Race coming in now!


NIKKI COLOMBO is Australian professional singer born in Melbourne raised on The Gold Coast previously living in the Fiji Islands and experienced a full blown spontaneous Kundalini Rising event in 2007 that catapulted a “Starseed Awakening” opening her third eye to perceive multidimensional realities and communication with the Evolutionary forces of Light known as the Guardian Alliance.

Nikki was guided by The Spiritual Hierarchy to comprehend the Science of Ascension Mechanics and its dynamics upon the layers of energy fields and electromagnetic grids. This understanding of Spirit Technologies was experienced by her own personal conscious evolution and began her transition into a Spiritual Guide during this Planet’s Ascension Cycle leading to Enlightenment.

Her spiritual mission is to support humanity through its evolution on Ascension with education and awareness and by consulting the impacts of the energy shifts upon the planet, and human consciousness. She is a Starseed, ET Experiencer, Psychic, Empath, Intuitive, Spiritual Guide and Healer, NDE- Near Death Experiencer, a Walk In, Researcher of Ancient Egyptian History, Writer, Astrologist, Numerologist, Contactee, Chakra Clearer, MiLAB, TI (Targeted Individual) & Alien “Love Bite” Survivor and Tarot Reader.

  • She is the editor of the facebook page ContactOnlineMagazine quite literally, a road map to the stars … and beyond, truth, not re-veiled … but UN-veiled stripped of distortion, dogma and elitism founded on January 2, 2014 .
  • Details for Nikki’s Live Presentations coming to Melbourne, Australia in 2018 and new E-Book “SUPERCONSCIOUS”, available 13th Oct 2017 for purchase on her Contact Online Magazine page and her website

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  • Former head admin for Feed Your Brain Magazine and the Australian affiliate for THE ENIGMA CHANNEL – South of France by British author and film maker Christopher Everard.
  • Hillary Raimo founder of YinRadioTV says ....

” Nikki is a gift to humanity! Her guidance and gentle ways help facilitate healing and a deeper understanding of the ET contact experience. Her integrity and passion are welcome incentives for others to open up and share their stories in a safe and nurturing way.” -. July 24, 2016 at 5:40pm


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I perform all intuitive guidance under the most inspirational, Spiritual and Sacred Insight to ensure the highest value it is delivered to my clients serving you with the full extent of my knowledge, wisdom, skills and talents. AscenSION!!! raising your frequency in alignment with your higher self which can see further down the flow of life further than you can.

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Nikki has a breadth of knowledge that she used to challenge me to develop my own independent thinking. And did so, as she becomes a friend for life. She checks up on me periodically, and I know I can contact her any time about anything. I warmed up to her personality and magnetism easily, and it’s cool how she conveys a respect for my opinions and point of view. She is a natural teacher and mentor. And the charges for her services are reasonable and very practical. I remain grateful to her. * David Price